The Breeders Program is designed for people who live within a 2 hour radius of  
Uno Grande Mastiffs kennel, are looking for a English Mastiff puppy, and wish to
participate. They will get their puppy for a much reduced cost, $1,500 instead of the
usual $3000. Participating is a choice, not a requirement.  

When you purchase a puppy through this special program you get a top quality
show dog  to live with you as your companion. I retain all breeding and show rights.
All expenses involved with showing or breeding are mine. All ribbons are yours.
Uno Grande  Mastiffs has the option of breeding her twice between the ages of 2yrs
and 5yrs old. Uno Grande Mastiffs will own all puppies whelped from these litters.
After the second litter and completion of the program $1,500 is refunded to you,
AKC papers are signed over to you, and you have a beautiful Mastiff to snuggle
without interruption for the rest of their lifetime.

If we decide not to breed, you have them spayed/nuetered and have a wonderful
Mastiff for a very good price. This allows a very special Mastiff to give back to the
breed and also have a special home of their own. Your obligation is to love and
socialize them.

Please contact me if you want to learn more about the program. Rebecca Wilson

We do have an opportunity for a Breeder Program family. Looking for someone who
lives in the New England, Tri state area, or within 2hr driving distance from Vermont.